The Vela Difference


Personalized to make Vela ‘Yours’

To make a system work for your agency, it has to look familiar, but without recognizable language, learning a new system can be frustrating and confusing. With Vela, Agencies have the freedom to title services and activities in terms that everyone’s used to. During deployment, we work closely with each organization to understand exactly what services are provided and how those services and activities are expected to appear on reports. Agencies have complete control over what fields they want to utilize and whether those fields are required. For advocates, the personalization provided by Vela delivers the flexibility they desire and the familiarity they require.

Client and Staff Dashboards

Vela prides itself on being intuitive and simple, grouping all client information and data into a single, easy to use dashboard. From the Client Dashboard, staff can easily view the latest services, bed enrollments, hotline calls, referrals, protection orders, and more. From the Staff Dashboard, advocates can easily view their most recently provided direct services, as well as all non-client related activities the agency tracks.
Client Dashboard

Automated Time Balancing Across Funding Sources

We know how tedious and time consuming it can be to accurately document time for your funding sources. Vela helps agencies achieve greater efficiency by tracking hours as they relate to specific funding sources. This allows staff to automatically generate activity timesheets and easily produce accurate funder reports. By taking on these tasks, Vela gives back time to your agency.

True One-Click Reporting

Vela has revolutionized the way agencies generate their monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports for funders. Each agency’s unique services are mapped to the corresponding report(s), offering true one-click reporting for several standard funder reports, including: HUD (ESG CAPER and CoC APR) VOCA, STOP VAWA, FVPSA, SASP, Missouri Monthly Services Report, and flexible reporting. Every report’s data elements are displayed in the exact format required by each funder, simplifying data transcription. Vela also includes data grids throughout that have customizable columns and sorting functions, allowing greater flexibility in reporting based on unique funder or agency needs. With true one-click reporting, Vela saves countless hours, allowing your agency to refocus on the positive impact you make in your community.
One Click Report

Security and Confidentiality as a Priority

Developed with input from advocates at every stage, our team understands the importance of confidentiality to your agency. In every aspect of our work, data security and privacy are given highest priority. Vela uses best-in-class security practices in conjunction with the most secure private cloud infrastructure available, Amazon Web Services. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit, which means only those with an authorized log-in to your agency's site can access the information. Our support and development team is never exposed to any personally identifiable information, ensuring you always remain in compliance with confidentiality requirements.

Permission Based Access for Everyone

Unlike other software applications, Vela does not limit the number of users or logins. We do know that not everyone needs or should have the same level of access to enter, review or edit data. With Vela, you can restrict access to modules (Hotlines, Clients, Staff Management, Reports, etc.) or you can limit specific actions within that module. Vela gives you, your clients and your funding partners confidence that all sensitive information is kept secure, private and only accessible only to those that need it and have permission to view it.
Permission Based Access