Frequently Asked Questions

General Technical Info

What type of computer or operating system do I need to use Vela?

Vela is best suited for PC (with Windows 10+) and/or Mac (with Mac OS) based systems. As a part of Browser Support, Vela is tested on current versions of major browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. For optimal performance, ELEMENT 74, L.L.C. suggests using the latest version of the Chrome browser in conjunction with a reliable broadband connection such as Cable or DSL. Experiences with Vela may vary based on your system configuration, the applications installed on your PC/Mac, and your ISP and connection to the Internet.

Do I need a reliable internet connection to access Vela?

Yes, Vela is a cloud-based application that runs in a web browser. When accessing data, often there are large data requests to our servers that require a relatively fast and stable connection.

What do you offer for technical support?

Technical support is everything with software products like Vela. We’ve ensured that that there is no cap on the support we provide to Vela customers, as it is included in the pricing of our software. Our users can feel confident their needs and questions will be addressed promptly and professionally within 24 hours.

How many client records can we store in Vela? Is there a cap on how much data is stored on the database?

There is no cap or limit on the data your agency collects.

Data Entry

How many concurrent users can be in the database at the same time? Does each user need their own license?

There is no limit to the number of users that can be simultaneously logged into the system, and there is no additional license or cost associated with each new user. Vela was created to grow with your organization without added costs.

Can the data fields be set up to provide the option to skip or enter ‘unknown’?

While some fields are automatically required due to specific reports, Vela does provide options for ‘unknown’ and ‘data not collected’, as well as control over whether the fields are required or not.

Modifying Fields and Screens

Can the system be configured to meet the unique needs of each Agency?

Yes, Vela has a wide range of configurations within the application to match the direct services you provide, the language and terms you’re used to, and the data points you need to collect. Before deployment, our team works closely together with your agency to ensure Vela is set up to meet your needs.

Are there costs associated with setup and configuration?

There is a one-time deployment fee that is based on the size and budget of the organization. All configuration costs are included in our deployment fee. During this deployment phase, considerable time is devoted to aligning the functionalities of Vela to match the expectations of the organization. Often there are unique requests that we do our very best to accommodate, especially when pertaining to reporting requirements.

What about future customizations and feature requests?

Vela was developed in direct collaboration with agencies, so many of the most commonly used features are already built in. When we do receive requests for new features, our team takes them under advisement and adds them to our development queue based on the relative impact and value they will provide to all users of Vela. Vela is designed to continually grow, evolve and improve with you.

Permissions and Access

Will each user within an organization be assigned a unique user identifier and password?

Yes, each user is issued a unique login that provides access to only the sections of Vela that were assigned through the staff roles and permissions module.

Will each user in Vela have their own access levels?

Yes. Each unique login grants access only to the specific system modules (Hotlines, Clients, Time tracking, etc.) that the user has been given permission to access. Additionally, staff can be provided access to data without the ability to modify it. Setting permissions and access levels for your staff is easy, secure and flexible.


Does Vela include report templates?

Yes. Vela’s ‘one-click’ reports include templates for VOCA, STOP VAWA, SASP, and Missouri Monthly Services Report (including FVPSA elements). We are working towards becoming an HMIS comparable database and adding Missouri State Services Victims Fund.

Can you create custom reports?

Vela offers Flex Reporting which allows users to pull reports that are based on agency or other funder needs. Customized Flex Reports can be saved for inclusion in future reports. We can also build additional reports, but extra costs may be incurred depending on how widely requested and used the report is.

Does Vela collect and report on the data required by your funders?

When we designed Vela, we started with reports and worked backwards. This enabled us to build in flexibilities needed to meet funders’ specific requirements. The database may be able to be modified to add additional fields if they are not currently included. Depending on how widely requested and used these fields, additional costs may be incurred.

Data Storage

Where is the data stored?

All data is stored remotely in private, secure servers hosted by Amazon Web Services.

Is data backed up?

Remote data backup is standard. All servers are backed up with double redundancy. Data can be downloaded locally, and a copy will be provided upon request.

Is offsite data storage secure and reliable?

Yes. Amazon Web Services provides industry-leading security and 99.9% uptime. Agencies retain all ownership of their records. All costs for offsite options are included in the product licensing fees.

Confidentiality and Data Ownership

What data security measures does Vela employ?

Vela features end-to-end encryption and prohibits third-party access to personal identifiable information. All PII is encrypted during transit and at rest (on vendor servers).

Who owns the data?

Agencies will retain all title to and ownership of their data that is in Vela. ELEMENT 74, L.L.C. retains all ownership of the Vela Source Code.

Breaches, Liability and Notice

Will the database company provide immediate notification of any known or potential security breach?

Yes. You will be notified via phone of any known or potential data breaches within 24 hours.

Will the company/vendor provide immediate notification when they learn about potential security holes or flaws that need patches or updates? Will they provide identified security fixes when the database needs these upgrades?

Yes. We will immediately notify the agency and we will provide fixes at no cost to you.

How does the company handle requests from law enforcement, subpoenas, search warrants or other court orders?

The data is not ours to be subpoenaed so we are not able to release the information. We have no level of access to the data without expressed written and video call consent from the agency. If a request is made, we would inform the agency within 24 hours of the request by email or phone call.

If the database company changes ownership or goes bankrupt, what guarantees do they provide to existing clients?

The agency is guaranteed ownership of their data and will be provided with a database backup of all organizational data. Servers will continue to run for the duration of the contract, however there will be no continuing technical assistance or software updates.