Empowering Domestic and Sexual Violence Organizations

With Dedicated Support and Streamlined Solutions

Our History

Vela was developed in collaboration with the Missouri Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence and a diverse focus group of domestic violence and sexual assault agencies. Our objective was to create a software solution that seamlessly integrates into the workflow of domestic violence and sexual assault programs.

We prioritize the confidentiality of survivors while offering streamlined services, activity tracking, timesheets, cross-staff communication, and the ability to generate major funder reports like VOCA, HUD, STOP VAWA, SASP, FVPSA, and more with just one click.

However, Vela is more than just a software solution. Our support team, with over 100 years of combined advocacy experience, provides dedicated and knowledgeable support to ensure our clients’ success. Vela was developed to enhance organizational capacity and empower advocates to provide better care, while strictly maintaining survivor confidentiality.

We are a small part of a broader community of advocates committed to ending domestic violence and sexual assault. We consider ourselves privileged to be part of this movement towards a safer world, and we are committed to using our skills and resources to support and partner with domestic and sexual violence programs.

Our Support Team

Our support team collectively has 100+ years of advocacy experience
allowing us to provide patient, meaningful support.
Katie Hughes
Katie Hughes
Vela Product Director
Katrina Harnisch
Katrina Harnisch
Data Transfer Team Lead
Marie Montano
Marie Montano
Implementation and Support Specialist
Kate Kerns
Product Evolution Manager
Kim Dixon
Support and Data Migration Specialist
Breall Baccus
Breall Baccus
Data Migration Specialist
Chris Edmonds
Pravin Bhandari
VP, Software Engineering
Jeanne Muckerman
Client Success Specialist
Steven Sebastian
Application Developer
Devon Edmonds
Technical Product Manager
Stephanie Kapp
Product Marketing Manager
Achila Ramanayake
Systems Engineer
Linda Schreiner
Accounts Manager

Special Thanks to our friends at the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic
and Sexual Violence for helping to make Vela what it is today

Janelle Willaims
MOCADSV Support Specialist
Heidi Coleman
MOCADSV Support Specialist